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  • Design course of automobile mould inclined top
    Aug 19, 2019

    Design course of automobile mould inclined top

    Design course of automobile mould inclined top Normally, the ejector is fixed with a 6MM ejector pin. Export die requires high fixed block fixed, so easy to disassemble and assemble. The inclined top is a parting surface. The inclined top can also be fixed with M8 screws. High requirements for export die, inclined top to design 2 guide sleeve, domestic die generally without this requirement. Forming area of inclined roof to design waterways, Waterways are generally designed with the most thimble plate on top. Especially large inclined top, slide seat to fix the middle of the top and bottom thimble plate.
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  • Basic knowledge of mold design, old workers do not know
    Jun 17, 2019

    Basic knowledge of mold design, old workers do not know

    01 Common plastic engineering materials and shrinkage? ABS:0.5%(super glue free) PC :0.5% (bulletproof glass glue) PMMa:0.5% : (plexiglass) PE: 2% polyethylene PS:0.5%(polyphenylethylene) Pp :2%(100% flexible adhesive) PA: 2% (nylon) PVC: 2% (polyvinyl chloride) POM: 2% (steel) ABS + PC: 0.4% PC + ABS: 0.5% Engineering materials: ABS PC PE POM PMMA PP PPO PS PET 02 What are the major systems of the mold? Casting → ejecting → cooling → molding → exhaust 03 What problems should be paid attention to in the process of mold design? (1) the wall thickness should be uniform as far as possible, and the stripping slope should be large enough. (2) the transition part shall be gradual, smooth and avoid sharp corners. (3) gate.The runner should be as wide and short as possible, and the gate position should be set according to the contraction and condensation process. (4) the surface of the mold should be clean and smooth with low roughness (0.8 is the best). (5) vent holes and slots must be adequate to expel air and gases from the melt. (6) except PET, the wall thickness should not be too thin, generally not less than 1mm. 04 Lump of plastic often occurs? Lack of glue → mantle → bubble → shrinkage → weld mark → black dot → striation → warping → layering → peeling 05 Common plastic mold steel? 45# S50c 718 738 718H 738H P20 2316 8407 H13 NAK80 NAK55 S136 S136H SKD61 06 What kind of material is used for high mirror finish? Commonly used high hard heat treatment steel, such as: SKD61, 8407, S136 07 What are the structures of the formwork? Panel →A plate →B plate → square iron → guide post → thimble plate → thimble fixing plate → bottom plate 08 What are the basic forms of the parting surface? Flatness → inclination → curved surface → perpendicular → cambered surface 09 How do you hide each other in UG? CtrL + B or ctrL + shift + B 10 What are the mould processing machinery and equipment? Computer gong lathe milling machine grinder drilling machine. 11 What is 2D and what is 3D? D Dimension, 2D refers to the two-dimensional plane, 3D refers to the three-dimensional space, in the mold section, 2D usually refers to the plane drawing (CAD drawing), and 3D usually refers to the three-dimensional drawing. 12 What is the default accuracy of pro/e?What is the UG default accuracy? The default accuracy of pro/e is 0.0012MM and UG is 0.0254MM. 13 Global mold frame production four strong enterprises? Germany: HASCO Japan: FUTABA us: DME China: LKM (dragon) 14 What is the default word height for CAD? The default CAD word height is 2.5mm. 15 What is impingement? What is impingement? The mating surface of male and female dies parallel to the PL surface is called the penetrating surface, and the mating surface uneven to the PL surface is called the inserting surface. 16 The relationship between strips and silk Both strips and silk are length units, and the strips are used in Taiwan language, 1 strand =0.01MM, while the silk is used in Hong Kong language, 1 strand =0.01MM, so 1...
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  • What the car grille does (see pictures)
    Apr 26, 2019

    What the car grille does (see pictures)

    What the car grille does (see pictures) 1 protection Many people believe that the role of the grille is to protect the water tank, to protect the engine cabin components from external impact.This is not the primary role.Cars are designed to take hydrodynamics into account, and most flying insects and gravel bounce off the road.The grille prevents larger stones from entering the engine compartment and damaging the components. 2 Decoration You don't want to believe that the most central function of the intake grille at this point in time is to decorate, to hide the mechanical structure of the engine compartment.Imagine all the pipes and brackets in the engine compartment without the intake grille. 3 Brand style Many brands are creating their own family DNA, and the air intake grille is one of the more important elements in the design.Volkswagen, audi and BMW are good examples. 4 Ventilation The engine needs air, and the intake grille is designed to allow enough air to enter the engine compartment.If it is winter and too much cold air is sucked into the engine, it is difficult for the engine to reach the operating temperature.Some cars don't have completely hollow grilles.
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  • Automobile taillight design case appreciation
    Mar 25, 2019

    Automobile taillight design case appreciation

    The driving on the road is most concerned about the tail of the car, among which the taillight is the most interesting part. In addition to the sense of technology, horizontal, intelligent and other general terms used to describe the trend of the headlights, through a lot of our analysis and research, the following five trends of the taillight are summarized: 1. OLED will become the mainstream in mass production in the future; The rise of oleds has made it possible for designers to create imaginative graphics solutions. 2: symbol lamp will become an important brand DNA; The major engine manufacturers in the taillight graphics on the article, these symbolic graphics in addition to intelligent demand is to improve the degree of brand identification. 3: taillights become an important position of parametric design; The application of parameterization is no longer a new design method, and the headlamp is the most interesting part. This figure is common in mass production vehicles, and without exception, it is an effective way to enhance the sense of technology. 4: the light belt through taillight has become the design standard; The use of light strips, such as the unified specifications of major engine manufacturers, has formed a very representative design trend. In addition to enhancing the sense of technology, the horizontal slender taillight is also a sharp tool for automobile design to "show the width". 5: naked leakage taillights to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the tail and sense of technology; Starting with porsche's bare and leaky headlights, a distinctive modern trend has emerged, with layers of design and a glimpse of the inner workings.
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  • You know what?Injection mold acceptance these steps KO before the mold
    Mar 25, 2019

    You know what?Injection mold acceptance these steps KO before the mold

    You know what?Injection mold acceptance these steps KO before the mold I. appearance, size and coordination of molding products Ii. Mold appearance Mold material and hardness Iv. Ejection, reset, core pulling and core pulling V. cooling and heating system Pouring system Hot runner system Viii. Forming part, parting surface and exhaust groove Ix. Injection molding production process X. packaging and transportation
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  • Car classic front and rear headlights design appreciation
    Mar 25, 2019

    Car classic front and rear headlights design appreciation

    Car LED lights before and after the headlights to enjoy a large number of pictures, please click.
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