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What the car grille does (see pictures) 2019-04-26

What the car grille does (see pictures)

1 protection

Many people believe that the role of the grille is to protect the water tank, to protect the engine cabin components from external impact.This is not the primary role.Cars are designed to take hydrodynamics into account, and most flying insects and gravel bounce off the road.The grille prevents larger stones from entering the engine compartment and damaging the components.

2 Decoration

You don't want to believe that the most central function of the intake grille at this point in time is to decorate, to hide the mechanical structure of the engine compartment.Imagine all the pipes and brackets in the engine compartment without the intake grille.

3 Brand style

Many brands are creating their own family DNA, and the air intake grille is one of the more important elements in the design.Volkswagen, audi and BMW are good examples.

4 Ventilation

The engine needs air, and the intake grille is designed to allow enough air to enter the engine compartment.If it is winter and too much cold air is sucked into the engine, it is difficult for the engine to reach the operating temperature.Some cars don't have completely hollow grilles.

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