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Automobile taillight design case appreciation 2019-03-25

The driving on the road is most concerned about the tail of the car, among which the taillight is the most interesting part. In addition to the sense of technology, horizontal, intelligent and other general terms used to describe the trend of the headlights, through a lot of our analysis and research, the following five trends of the taillight are summarized:

1. OLED will become the mainstream in mass production in the future;

The rise of oleds has made it possible for designers to create imaginative graphics solutions.

2: symbol lamp will become an important brand DNA;

The major engine manufacturers in the taillight graphics on the article, these symbolic graphics in addition to intelligent demand is to improve the degree of brand identification.

3: taillights become an important position of parametric design;

The application of parameterization is no longer a new design method, and the headlamp is the most interesting part. This figure is common in mass production vehicles, and without exception, it is an effective way to enhance the sense of technology.

4: the light belt through taillight has become the design standard;

The use of light strips, such as the unified specifications of major engine manufacturers, has formed a very representative design trend. In addition to enhancing the sense of technology, the horizontal slender taillight is also a sharp tool for automobile design to "show the width".

5: naked leakage taillights to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the tail and sense of technology;

Starting with porsche's bare and leaky headlights, a distinctive modern trend has emerged, with layers of design and a glimpse of the inner workings.

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