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The world's top precision mold manufacturers, you know how many? 2019-03-25

1. The French Plastisud.

PLASTISUD is the world's leading supplier of high performance, precision, and high-cavity molds for beverage caps, medical parts (such as petri dishes, actuators, and sprayers), and packaging (such as thin-walled containers and in-mold labeling applications).

2. Germany FOBOHA.

Based in Haslach, Germany, FOBOHA has a history of more than 30 years. FOBOHA has factories in Switzerland and suzhou, China.In 1977, we started the multi-component mold project, and in 1994, we developed our own valve needle hot runner system.

3. Swiss KEBO.

Kebo, founded in 1979, is still developing its own hot runner for its multi-cavity high-quality molds. 80% of the company's business focuses on medical consumables and medical-related molds, and 20% of its packaging molds. Its core hot runner technology, molds and hot runner parts are 100% replaceable.

4. The Swiss FOSTAG.

FOSTAG, a Swiss mould maker, is known around the world for its thin-walled technology and blood-collecting technology.In the past few years it has learnt a specialized trade In iml-in Mould Labeling.The efficiency of FOSTAG molds lies in fast cycle time and long service life.

5. Braunform in Germany.

Braunform is a typical German family business founded in 1977 with more than 300 employees in Germany.Mould production and injection molding.Mold is mainly involved in the automobile industry, personal care products industry and medical industry.Features are high cavity molds such as lamination molds, as well as multicolor molds.

6 .ZAHORANSKY in Germany.

Germany ZAHORANSKY company, founded in 1902, began to produce molds in 1985, mainly in personal care, packaging and medical industry.Focus on multi-component mold, can produce up to seven components mold.In addition, rotary mold is also ZAHORANSKY focus on the development of the mold.

7. SCHOTTLI Switzerland.

SCHOTTLI is a global mold manufacturer based in Switzerland, specializing in the fields of MED, CAP and PAC. SCHOTTLI was acquired by husky injection molding system in 2013.SCHOTTLI has been focusing on the development and manufacturing of molds for medical applications, including syringes, infusion/transfusion products, and diagnostic systems.

8. Maenner in Germany.

Germany Maenner company was established in 1965, has the production base in the United States, Switzerland and Germany, Japan, China, the United States, Europe each has the sales and service, the main business is mold and hot runner, and the valve needle gate hot runner technology to meet all kinds of injection molding process and field, world famous.

9. K.T.W., Austria.

K.T.W of Austria is a leading manufacturer of bottle cap moulds, which was acquired by husky in 2011. KTW moulds provides innovative technical solutions and technology to provide industry-leading reliability, flexibility and compatibility with similar professional bottle cap products.

10.TANNER, Switzerland: world leader in pipette suction

Automation equipment manufacturer HEKUMA USES the TANNER 4/6/8 series modules.Tanner's high-performance injection moulds are used to produce the world's highest quality plastic products with precision, stability and economy.

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