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How are commonly used bits for machining produced? 2019-03-25

How are commonly used bits for machining produced?

In machining, we often use a drill bit, but do you know how the drill bit is produced?

In the development of global tool grinder, makino has always been the leading role.Makino machine successfully developed the world's first 10-axis CNC tool grinder in 1982, and thus opened a new situation in the development history of tool grinder.After more than half a century of technical heritage, has been working for the development of the latest tool grinder technology at home and abroad.

According to the development requirements of the Chinese market, makino seiji in 2018 research and development and launched a new tool grinding machine SG10 suitable for small diameter processing, as one of the excellent products of makino seiji, in November 2018 in Tokyo JIMTOF Japan for the first time, and has been praised by customers at home and abroad.

SG10 is the smallest model in makino automatic processing machine.At the same time with standard automatic loading and unloading device and grinding wheel automatic replacement device, than the same machine tool AGE30 saving 30% floor area.

Excellent machining performance high precision, high stability and high efficiency is the standard.SG10 has excellent stability in the continuous machining of high-precision mould tools, and also performs well in the accuracy of spherical knife arc, which can reach 2um.

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