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You know what? Why isn't the bumper insured 2019-09-03

The role of the bumper

The action of the bumper that we often say is not really for "insurance" actually, because in the accident the real force bearing part is the anti-collision beam inside bumper and absorb energy box, the structural design that perhaps says to rely on car frame will hit the impact force that produces to dissolve, not be to rely on the intensity of a bumper to hold off external force.And what we now call a bumper, it's actually more appropriate to call it a containment.

Why are the bumpers plastic

Most countries have a car safety rule: "low-speed vehicle collisions should give priority to pedestrians!"Plastic is more resilient than metal and absorbs impact better, cushioning and protecting pedestrians in low-speed collisions and collisions.Also, plastic bumpers can rebound and repair themselves in the event of a minor knock.In addition, plastics are lighter than metals, have better corrosion resistance, and cost less to manufacture and maintain.

The lower the bumper, the higher the maintenance cost

According to the IIHS test, the height of the bumper directly affects the later maintenance cost.According to the IIHS report, the higher the bumper design, the lower the maintenance cost.Many cars are designed with very low bumpers, so when they collide with suvs and pickup trucks, they do not play a role in cushioning, and other parts of the vehicle are also more damaged.

To prevent pedestrian injuries

The use of plastic bumper is based on the safety of pedestrians, pedestrians and cars head-on collision, pedestrian injury is far higher than the vehicle!For a car, hitting a pedestrian may not even take the paint off, but for a pedestrian, it's the opposite!So, the bumper is used to prevent collision, but not to prevent the collision of cars, but to prevent pedestrians!

Lightweight, low cost, easy to repair

Automobile production has been moulded, in addition to the body will use high-strength materials, many parts will be as far as possible to use lightweight, corrosion resistant, easy processing, easy to form, easy maintenance and replacement of materials, because the body is light, braking will be safer, but also more fuel efficient!Compared with metal material, plastic material type bumper cost is lower, can save money and easy to repair, why not car factory?

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