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Unknown Toyota 2019-06-18

Unknown Toyota

Did you know that the first toyota swere used by the us government in the Korean war?Did you know it used to dominate the textile industry?What was the legendary 2000GT that set the record for maximum speed endurance in a tropical storm?The rest of you look down.

1 His original name was Toyoda

Toyota, the founder of Toyota, decided to use the variant of Toyota.

2  Inthe late 19th century, before making cars, the textile industry was Toyota's basic industry.

Are you surprised?

3 The Toyota automatic textile factory began producing cars in 1930.

4The first Toyota engine was basically made in Chevrolet

The Toyota prototype, which USES mostly its own cast-iron parts and others from Chevrolet, produces 65 horsepower, nearly 10 percent more than the U.S. version.

5  The land cruiser started out as a jeep.

The first Toyota jeep was built for the U.S. government

6The first corolla was actually a bit sporty for the mid-69's economy car.

7 in just three years, annual production has reached nearly 250,000 vehicles.

8 The prius is the first mass-produced hybrid car

The first lexus went through 450 prototypes before it was finally released!

Toyota will also build houses, named after their own cities, subways, robots are not a problem, of course, you do not think she will only traffic jam first!

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