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The doctor gave the staff a physical examination 2019-09-14

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) : Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) refers to Traditional Medicine mainly created by the working people of the han nationality in China.It is a subject studying human physiology, pathology, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

The theoretical system of TCM is gradually formed after long-term clinical practice under the guidance of materialism and dialectics. It originates from practice and in turn guides practice.Through the analysis of the phenomenon, to explore its internal mechanism.Therefore, this unique theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine has two basic characteristics, one is the overall concept, and the other is dialectical treatment.The basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine is a theoretical summary of the life activities of human body and the changing laws of diseases. It mainly includes the theories of Yin and Yang, five elements, qi, blood, body fluid, viscera, channels and collaterals, and luck.

Today, doctors from the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine came to do basic physical examination for the staff. I hope everyone can make a good mold and have a healthy body.

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