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Complete illustration of all major processes of automobile final assembly 2019-08-09

Complete illustration of all major processes of automobile final assembly

A. final interior decoration

Two-way lifting large flat plate, realize flexible production of multiple platforms, further optimize man-machine engineering through the free lifting of working height.

final interior decoration

B. final assembly chassis line

Modern EMS+VAC machine transportation equipment is adopted to achieve precise positioning and integration of the body and chassis during the assembly process with precise synchronization, with the assembly precision up to 0.1mm.

final assembly chassis line

C. Final assembly door line

Friction driven (FDS) system, compared with the ordinary chain motor line has no lubrication, clean, quiet and other advantages.

Final assembly door line

D. Test line for final assembly

Four-wheel positioning equipment adopts the world's most advanced contactless 3D laser head for detection, the detection precision is much higher than the previous 2D laser head.

E. Rain spray room for test line

Each vehicle will be tested for airtightness by a 90-second high-impact water impact test with 360 nozzles, which will spray about 5 tons of water and simulate four times the world's heaviest rainfall.

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