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Mysterious side of CAD 2019-03-25

1, line

The command line            Quick command L

Operation mode: input L space screen point the first point point the second point point the third point space finished, of course you can also endless draw.

2, copy,The command copy       Quick command CO (some CAD is C)

Operation mode:Input CO - Spaces to choose object, space - choosing datum mark to choose where to copy, the blank space end (cad 2004 to continuous replication, according to an M before choosing datum. Then choose reference point, can continuous replication, cad 2004 version directly after can be continuous replication) if you want to copy the object distance is 1000 mm, this "he CO - operation Spaces to choose object, space to select reference point, input relative coordinates to space (if it is horizontal or vertical direction, then press F8 opened the orthogonal, by moving the mouse to a direction,And then I'm going to say 1000 and then I'm going to say space)

3, mobile      Command to MOVEQuick command M

Operation mode: same as copy

4, round Command CIRCLE      Fast command C(different versions have different CIR CR)

Operation mode input C space point input diameter space or pull the mouse, click the left key to determine

5, offset        Command OFFSET         Quick command O

Operation mode: input O space input offset distance space (or specify the distance on the screen in the way of two points) to choose the object to be offset in the direction to offset the point of the mouse

6. Format brush          Command MATCHPROP         Quick command MA

Operation mode input MA space select reference object select object to brush

7. View properties         Command the PROPERTIES Quick command MO

Operation mode input mo to select the object (you can see the properties of the object, coating color, geometric size, etc.)

8, arrayCommand: array    Quick command AR

If you want to generate a graph with 3 rows and 4 columns, write 3 rows and 4 columns by "offset distance and direction" as you want

9Command: the EXTEND  Express command EX

Operation mode input EX space select want to extend there, the space select the line to be extended

Tip: a line or object in front of a line that may intersect

Tips: input EX space space point is extended object can be directly extended to the nearest object, continue to point the line, can continue to extend to the next object.

10, shear    Command: TRIM   Quick command TR

Operation mode: same as the extension of the same tips

11, delete   Command: ERASE  Quick command E

Operation mode: input E space to select object space (or select object by E space)

12, go back on our word  Command: U

Operation mode: input U space, as long as the CAD is not closed, you can always go back to the state when opening the drawing

13, blast   Command: explodes  Quick command X Operation mode input X space select object (or select object input X space)

Tip: if it's a block, it may take a lot of frying to get it to crack, and some things won't

14, tensile Command: STRETCH Quick command S

Operation mode: input "S" to draw a box with the method of "bottom right, top left" to make the vertical line on the left or the horizontal line on the top intersect the part to be pulled. Select a basic point of the space, input the distance or specify the next point.

15, mirror Command: MIRROR Quick command: MI

Operation mode: input MI to mirror the object choice, choose the "mirror" the first point, select the "mirror" the second point, the blank space, get a for your choice of two images of the axis of symmetry three, why want to remember the 15 command: because CAD operations are too many people, you want to different, you need to faster operation can be better than others, with the keyboard looks cool, as a cow X people need skilled keyboard operation.Can only use the mouse to click on the screen, can not say CAD.

CAD function is very powerful, operation can also be very flexible, to draw a figure, the operation side

Familiar with these 15 orders can almost go around the world!

Other commands can be found by using buttons or menus. These 15 commands must be entered by keyboard!

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