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I die back to the factory inspection process and process arrangement process 2019-03-25

Check flow and process arrangement flow of mould blank

1. Inform the quality department to test the hardness of A, B and thimble bottom plate when the die blank is returned to the factory, and make visual evaluation on the appearance of the die blank. If there is any problem, an abnormal order will be issued immediately and sent to the supplier.

2. The fitter shall engrave the customer's model number and template number sequence on the side of the mold embryo world according to the 3D drawing file.

3.The base Angle of each board shall be marked with a color pen to facilitate the confirmation of the direction during processing. Meanwhile, the locksmith shall measure and record the data of the depth of thimble bottom plate, square iron, B plate and B plate frame, so as to facilitate the calculation of thimble and the height of the barrel.

4. After the blank is dismantled, A and B plates are sent for inspection to check the parallelism between the bottom of the frame and the bottom of the blank.Send the rest parts to CNC processing station and register the incoming materials.A, B board after testing also sent to the processing station for processing.Resin shutter holes on die blank shall be processed by CNC.

5. the template CNC processing station processing, by the mold responsible person to check the processing content is completed, determine the completion of the milling machine processing area, the handover milling machine master processing.Milling machine processing drawings by the process indicated processing requirements and processing methods.

6. after the completion of milling machine processing, inform the person in charge of the mold to come over.Milling machine before the completion of milling machine master first self-inspection, to ensure that there is no processing and processing errors, and then inform the fitter to accept.(all the tooth holes have tapping, screw holes and top pinhole have chamfering)

7. After the acceptance of all the templates, the fitter shall lower the frame, match the shoveling foundation, line position pressing block, wear resistant block at the bottom of line position, and match the mold as a whole until the mold assembly is completed.

8. Complete processing of the blank. When removing the template, check whether the processing area has been finished and conforms to the 3D drawing file one by one by comparing with the 3D drawing file.In case of any missing machining or wrong machining, inform the quality inspection immediately, take photos to open the abnormal order, and inform the supplier to pull back the rework and ensure that the construction period does not delay the normal process arrangement of the fitter.

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