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Mould industry commonly Chinese-English translation 2019-03-25

Mould industry commonly used oral English and vocabulary in both English and Chinese


1. 这套模具资料都清楚了吗?




1. Is everything clear on this mould? ( Any question on this mould? )

1)Yes, everything is clear.

2)No, I need to confirm some questions with you.

3)Now, we have the basic information, such as: cavity number, product material, moulding machine specifications and steel information etc. But we do not have the standard of spare parts, gate requirements and the surface requirement of the part.

2. 这个产品有没有问题?



A. 除了骨位以外,大部分都加了拨模角。它不会影响模具结构;

B. 没加拨模角。我没有办法确认产品的分型面和模具结构。

2. Any question on this product?

1)No. Our customer is very professional.

2)I found the following problems after checking it:

A. The draft angle is almost added except for some ribs. It will not affect the mould structure.

B. No draft angle on the part. We can not confirm the parting line and the mould construction.

3. 模具有没有薄钢位?

1)有,这里就有薄钢位, 模具强度会受影响;


3. Are there any weak steel (thin steel) areas on the mould?

1)Yes, Here is weak steel. Mould strength will be effected.

2)I have checked 3D part drawings carefully, no weak steel. I will let you know if I find it later.

4. 注塑后,产品会不会有缩水现象?



4. After injection, will there be any sink marks on the part?

1)Should not have. The wall thickness is even. The part might have slight sink marks.

2)The part wall thickness is uneven, especially these ribs & bosses are too thick. The sink mark will be very visible. It is a cosmetic part. We strongly suggest customer to modify the part.

5. 注塑后,产品会不会变形?




5. Will there be any deformation on the part?

1)No, the part is quite simple.

2)Possible. The part is very long and thin, very easy to be deformed ( warpage). Please inform customer about this.

3)The part is flat, easy to be deformed. We need to find a suitable gate location.

6. 产品前后模方向你是如何考虑的?




6. How do you consider the direction of cavity & core?

1)It is easy to decide that. The visible surface is cavity. It will not stick on the cavity side.

2)If this side is cavity, the part has a 30% chance to stick to the cavity. We need to make extra room for future changes / modifications.

3)I think so. But we need to make some pictures and confirm with customer.

7. 这是不是按最新版本产品图设计的?



7. Is the design accordingly to the latest version of the part drawing?

1)Yes. We revised the mould drawing accordingly to the latest part drawing.

2) I am not sure. I will double check this (issue) and tell you later, ok?

8. 模具能否全自动运行?




8. Does the mould run fully automatic?

1)Yes, both the part and runner fall down fully automatically.

2)No, the part need to be taken out by robot.

3)The part may hang on the angle lifter, so we need to consider two stage ejection.

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