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Automobile rearview mirror assembly/material/appearance requirements are fully resolved 2019-05-30

As we know, the rearview mirror is divided into outer rearview mirror and inner rearview mirror.

A typical external rear-view mirror is composed of nearly 20 parts, among which plastic materials are mainly used in the rear-view mirror case, mirror case base, bracket and triangle plate.

These pieces play a different function or appearance, the performance requirements of the material are different, and then we give a detailed description of its material selection.


Rearview mirror housing

Rear-view mirror shell is generally designed to be the same color of the body, and most of them are high-gloss effect, so most of them are sprayed, and a few electroplating schemes can also be adopted to reduce the pressure of environmental protection.

Common scheme of rearview mirror housing

Characteristics of post-processing and material selection

post processing
spray lacquer
spray lacquer




The colors are varied; Good weather and scratch resistance
Part or all electroplating, high cost, multi - high-end car use
Avoid spraying nothing heat-resistingABS

Good weather resistance
Highlight black effect
Black brightness effect, black or white can be achieved

Rearview mirror - white upper housing, PMMA/ASA M1600

Rear view mirror - black lower housing, PMMA/ASA M1800


Mirror shell base

The mirror housing base plays an assembly and transition role, so ASA or PP+MD is preferred.

Common scheme of mirror housing base

Characteristics of post-processing and material selection

post processing

Heat ASA

Specular ASA


Good weather resistance

Highlight black effect

Black bright effect, good weather resistance

nothing PP+MD low coat

Specular black mirror housing base, PMMA/ASA M1800


Rearview mirror holder

The rear-view mirror bracket mainly plays a supporting role, requiring high rigidity, good appearance, good weather resistance, can choose metal parts, plastic parts or metal and plastic combination, most choose aluminum alloy, PA+GF or PBT+GF.

Common scheme of rearview mirror bracket

Characteristics of post-processing and material selection

nothing Aluminum alloy +ASA, etc

High rigidity, high toughness, high density, high cost

nothing PA+GF hive consideration to toughness, poor dimensional stability, aging resistance
nothing PBT+GF High rigidity, good dimensional stability, good surface, low cost

Rearview mirror bracket, PBT+30%GF PBT 3730G

The triangle plate of the rear-view mirror is the part connected with the car window, which is mostly formed with the rear-view mirror bracket. If it is formed separately, the selected materials are metal, ASA or PC/ASA.

Above are the material selection and characteristics of the external rearview mirror.

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