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Audi is the light factory, Honda is the engine factory, the car companies are best at what? 2019-03-25

Audi focuses on car lights

There are two kinds of lights in the world, one is the audi lamp, the other is the lamp, as early as the xenon headlight era, the first generation of audi A8 began to lead the trend of car lights.Audi's headlights have always been full of tricks. If I told you now that audi is turning to the home lighting market, would you pay for such cool lights?

Honda focuses on the engine

Buy start send a car, Honda relies on this "unique skill" win the trust of a lot of consumer, till now, Honda rolls out many turbocharged engine, in be in the same level in, talk about fuel consumption and power Honda is more outstanding.

Nissan focuses on sofas

Nissan car seat comfort is very famous, has the "moving sofa" title.The first teana is synonymous with comfort for the nissan line, especially the "zero gravity" seats, which provide the most comfortable support for the human waist, allowing the driver to relax and feel comfortable.

VW is focused on studying the Chinese

Now many Volkswagen cars are tailor-made for Chinese consumers. Volkswagen, which knows Chinese consumers' preferences, is going further and further down the road of "opportunistic".

BMW focuses on handling

There is a saying called "driving BMW sitting Mercedes", BMW control is in many luxury cars in the sharp weapon of breaking out, driving will have the feeling of "people and cars together"

Wuling focuses on drawing goods

Wuling macro light is a god car in China, "endurance" makes its sales very considerable, both can carry goods and pull people, but also has a luxury car killer, drift artifact, and the title of the monster carrying customers.

Zotye focuses on other cars

Zotye's "high imitation" ability is indeed second to none in China, most of its models are copying other brands, and it has dominated the headlines and hot spots with various imitation shows for a long time, causing the media and Internet users to heckle "bursts of cheers".

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