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German die factory employees do not change the company for life, to see how people stay! 2019-04-11
German die factory employees do not change the company for life, to see how people stay!

In Germany, it is common for employees to stay with a company for more than 20 years, and some stay for life.In the BMW factory, there are many workers who have worked in BMW for about 40 years. High employee loyalty is the characteristic of German enterprises.What is the secret of German business that keeps its workers' hearts and minds firmly tied?

A tradition of valuing human resources

German companies, or European companies' respect for their employees, has become a European characteristic, mainly reflected in their concern for the physical and mental health of ordinary employees.

Labor policies that make americans jealous

For example, if German workers do not want to be separated, the labor office can pay for baggage handling fees.For example, parents of both parents to take children, two people can have one person to apply for paid leave to take children at home, the salary for the original salary of 65%.If one person is unemployed, they can apply for a subsidy of 300 euros per month.This benefit, called "parental benefit", is unheard of in many countries.

Big-spending German companies

Most German companies pay their workers generously.Unique employee care culture.

Special wood floors, for example, have rotating-frame displays that display larger fonts.A comfortable bench provided everywhere to prevent workers from standing too long;Shelves with adjustable height to prevent employees from flashing to the waist;Enhance lighting for visually impaired employees.In between shifts, workers can even take a nap on a convenient bed provided in a break room inside the factory.

Willing to invest in employees' future

"Investing" is more than just compensation.To give employees the opportunity to learn and improve, is a very dowd enterprise retention secret.

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