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Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, the same package dumplings 2019-06-05

This year's Dragon Boat Festival, PTS mold factory organized their own dumplings, are female colleagues package dumplings, male colleagues to do the mold.

Do it yourself, keep yourself healthy and eat well.

It is the Dragon Boat Festival, every family must eat dumplings.Midsummer wen ai ye xiang, package dumplings over the Dragon Boat Festival.

Specific practices are as follows:

1, the rice (glutinous rice) a day in advance good soak.

2, the meat had better buy pork, cooked, fatty oil AIDS to the glutinous rice, will be particularly delicious, and meat cooked for a long time after better taste.

3, meat after washing cut into small pieces, then put soy sauce, five spices, garlic powder, cooking wine, sugar, salt a little, marinate for two hours.

4, dumplings, put the meat must be glutinous rice wrapped meat, so that the taste of meat will not go out.

Oil and aroma will be sticky rice zi live, so the meat mixed with rice incense, rice and entangled meat incense, endless aftertaste.

5. Cook zongzi for at least 2 hours.

Now, are you hungry?

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